Greetings Visitor!

We are Studio μ, a UC Santa Cruz based game development team of engineers, graphic artists, a writer, and a composer! The engineers on the team are part of a senior seminar for the Game Design focus of the Computer Science major here in which they need to create a fully functional video game of any legitimate platform. By the end of the year, we will have a full-on game, and that game is called…. (drumroll)… MicroVentures!

MicroVentures is an adventure game for modern mobile devices. Each play-though is a new & unique procedurally-generated experience that lasts 2-4 minutes, the average duration of most casual mobile games. Advanced narrative AI connects each adventure to previous play-through, creating a riveting interactive storytelling experience.

Some of the features of our game will include:

  • Procedural roguelike levels
  • Procedural story that will drive the gameplay
  • Quick but powerful gameplay, aimed to please casual and even up to hardcore players
  • Many different playable characters, including a Knight, Wizard, and Rogue!
  • Full of wondrous settings outside of your ordinary dungeon
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
  • Fantastic 8-bit retro style art and music
  • To be available for iPhone and Android devices!
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