These are the playable heroes of MicroVentures.

"I'll slay anything that's evil. That's my deal."

A pillar of resolve and justice, The Warrior's sole desire is to be a hero. Wherever there's princesses who need saving, or kingdoms that need defending, he is always the first to be summoned by the King. However, his idealism is also his greatest weakness - The Warrior is young and naive. To him, evil is an unpredictable anomaly in the harmonious tapestry of good and righteousness in the world, not a constant threat that must be faced on a day-to-day basis.
"Mastery is achieved when telling time becomes telling time what to do."

Beneath a quiet, refined demeanor lies an unfathomable well of mystery. The Wizard is never done learning, and therefore is on a never ending quest for knowledge about the surrounding world and all it's mysteries. The wisdom of his travels and the great power he wields make him a valuable ally - unfortunately, his abilities make him a pompous know-it-all. His tendency to speak melodramatically and explain everything in layman's terms doesn't make him popular either.
"I've always equated ‘feelings’ with ‘getting caught’…they both get in the way of my money.”

An aloof shadow, the Rogue has no loyalty to any kingdom or flag, and in fact despises both. Her only concern is with material wealth and never higher callings or the suffering of the less fortunate. Second only to her endless search of riches is her flawless wit - one does not survive long on the streets without a mind as sharp as her blade. Of course, she is frequently baffled by the idiosyncrasies of her world and its natural laws (she breaks the fourth wall a lot), but that doesn't stop the Rogue from getting what's hers and cutting up anyone who gets in her way.
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